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Rejuvin8 Skin Renew Set
Contains : Crystalderm Facial Toner, Multi-Fruit Facial Cleanser, Day Cream, Night Cream & Rejuvenating Soap

Crystalderm Rejuvin8 Skin Renew Set is the recommended 30-day beauty regimen for beginners. It is an effective program to exfoliate rough, dull and old skin. It's fast exfoliating action works gently on the skin's surface for reconditioning, restoring moisture and re-energizing the skin. Our Rejuvenating Soap removes deep seated dirt, excess oil and grimes. The Multi-Fruit cleanser with its natural fruit extracts helps restore moisture balance to recondition skin. Crystalderm Facial Toner exfoliates old and rough skin, replacing it with a new, soft and healthy looking skin.  It also refines pores. Crystalderm Sunblock SPF25 Cream protects the skin at daytime while Crystalderm Whitening  Cream whitens and moisturizes skin at night.