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Tawas Kalamansi Soap
Natural Body Odor Neutralizer

Crystalderm Tawas with Kalamansi is especially formulated with liquid alum and natural extracts from Kalamansi fruit which helps lighten and deodorize the skin particularly the armpits. Both  Alum and Kalmansi are traditionally used to neutralize body odor and prevent excessive perspiration on the armpits . The calamansi fruit which is laden with natural vitamin C has several medicinal skin benefits. This soap promotes skin whitening too. Let everyday be a clean and odor-free skin day! 

Study shows that Calamansi can lighten darkened skin. Besides skin lightening, you can also use this citrus fruit as anti-perspirant. Calamansi when used will prevent your armpits from perspiring and will help keep it odor-free. Some individuals are allergic to deodorants. Others avoid using it because it can cause darkening of the armpits and leave a stain on the clothes they wear. Using the soap is the best alternative in these situations.Calamansi or Citrfortunella microcarpa, is a citrus fruit closely related to the Mandarin orange and Sweet orange.  Calamansi has a very distinct alkalinizing effect on the human body, with alkaline properties present in the peel and juices of the fruit. The fruit can be used for whitening the skin, as well as a bleaching agent on mild stains of white garments.. Many soaps are made with calamansi as an active ingredient for whitening and toning skin, however, the raw fruit can be used just as well for the same process.

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